Pope Francis Launches 'Click to Pray' App

 Click to Pray App.jpg
Opening screens of Pope Francis 'Click to Pray' app

On Sunday 20th January, at his weekly address in St Peter’s square, Pope Francis launched a cell phone app called ‘Click to Pray’.

Pope Francis has long been a proponent of social media and is active on several different channels. He has 17.9 million followers, and that’s just his English account! He believes strongly in the power of the internet for spreading the Gospel and connecting the people of God and has embraced this new way of communicating and connecting with the people, referring to social networks as ‘a gift from God’.

On Sunday, he stressed that the internet is a way “to stay in touch with others, to share values and projects and to express the desire to form a community.”

Tomorrow we celebrate World Communications Day, and what better way to celebrate than to answer the Holy Father’s call to download the app and pray with him.

The Click to Pray app has many different features, including the Pope Video with the monthly prayer intention, specific prayer campaigns and a calendar feature with daily prayers for morning, afternoon and night.  There is even a facility to pray with the network and  type in your own personal prayer.

click to Pray App2.jpg

The app is available in six languages in both Android and IOS and has an accompanying website, clicktopray.org.

At the announcement Pope Francis told crowds he had “two pains in his heart” that he was currently praying for: victims of the car bomb blast at a police academy in Colombia and the 170 migrants from Libya and Morocco who died in the Mediterranean.