Sr. Dolores Kearney Prepares for New Mission


Tyrone native speaks to Fr. Eamonn O'Connor of Shannonside Radio ahead of her departure in April. 


Sr. Dolores Kearney (left) during a visit to Nigeria in 2016.

Next month, Sr. Dolores Kearney will begin a new mission appointment at the OLA formation house in Ibadan, Nigeria. She previously worked for many years as a nurse/midwife in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania before returning to Ireland in 2013 to care for elderly Sisters at the OLA convent in Cork. Recently Sr. Dolores spoke to Fr. Eamonn O'Connor of the religious affairs programme 'Side by Side' on the Shannonside radio station. Click on the links below to listen to both parts of her interview.


Sr. Dolores Interview Part 1

Sr. Dolores Interview Part 2

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