Women's Word Day of Prayer in Rostrevor

Theme 'God's Creation is Very Good' reflects on the beauty of creation in Suriname.

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The Women's World Day of Prayer organising committee following last Friday's service at the Presbyterian Church, Rostrevor.  Image courtesy of Ged McKinley.

The Christian Churches of Rostrevor and Warrenpoint held a Women’s World Day of Prayer event at the Presbyterian Church, Rostrevor on Friday last, March 9th.

World Day of Prayer [WDP] is a global ecumenical movement led by Christian women. It consists of an International Committee and national/regional committees dotted across the world. Each year, a ‘Writer Country’ is invited to prepare a booklet based on a particular theme. Christian women across the globe come together on the first Friday of every March to pray for that theme. The Rostrevor event was due to take place on March 2nd but was rescheduled due to poor weather conditions.

This year’s programme was developed by the WDP committee in Suriname with the theme: ‘All God’s Creation is Very Good’.


A native bird of Suriname. Image courtesy of www.worlddayofprayer.net.


According to the WDP website, this year’s theme for the Suriname service urges us ‘to evaluate how our actions affect our planet - one of our Lord's greatest creations’. It emphasised the importance of the motto ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!’ by noting that to recycle is to ‘give a new use to objects, thus reducing the consumption of resources that may degrade the planet’.  The motto has added significance during these weeks as Ireland and other parts of Europe come to terms to a Chinese ban on plastic imports which has resulted in large backlogs of plastic in waste facilities.

'Climate concern'

The importance of reducing and reusing was highlighted at the Rostrevor service which Srs Mary Taylor and Dympna Mc Eneaney took an active part.

Sr Majella McCarron, who was among those in attendance, explains how the WDP functions in the area.

“The local WDP organising committee is made up of women from each of the churches in the Rostrevor/Warrenpoint area. They meet on a number of occasions in advance of the annual service to make preparations for it.

She continued:

“The gathering rotates between the different churches in the area. This year’s event took place at the Presbyterian Church in Rostrevor.

“I felt the theme was very relevant given Laudato Si and the growing movement centred around climate concern.

“The world, both in the Christian and secular traditions, are worried about creation. All the prayers during the service focused on concern for the climate.

“The front cover of the Suriname booklet was also quite striking too.”


The front cover the the 2018 Women's World Day of Prayer booklet. Image courtesy of www.worlddayofprayer.net.


The image on the front cover of the booklet is from a work of art painted by Alice Pomstra. She explained the inspiration behind the painting.

We live in a beautiful country that we received from our Creator. In the painting, we see symbolically the hands that receive the divine gift and will pass it on to the next generations. What a precious gift! Let's keep it as beautiful as how we received it.”

Since​ 1927, women have gathered to pray with women from a different country. The 2019 programme will be developed by Solvenia.


The Sea Turtles of Suriname. Suriname is one of the most important nesting areas for sea turtles. Image courtesy of www.naturefinder.blogspot.ie.



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