The prayer intentions of the OLA Justice Desk for the month of June are for Africa and people of African Descent.

Let us turn our hearts and minds toward Africa and the people of African descent. The continent of Africa holds within its vastness a tapestry of diverse cultures, rich traditions, and a history marked by both triumphs and challenges. Its people, scattered across the globe, carry with them the resilience, wisdom, and spirit of their ancestors. During the month of June, let us take time to reflect on the beauty and strength that emanates from this land and its people.

In the midst of the trials faced by many African nations, may we be reminded of the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. Let us remember that the struggles faced by our African brothers and sisters are not isolated events but deeply interconnected with the wounds and injustices of our shared human family. As we reflect on the historical legacy of exploitation, and discrimination, may we humbly recognise our own complicity and commit ourselves to the work of justice, healing, and reconciliation.

Loving Creator,

You who dwell in the hearts of all people,
We gather together on this day,
Opening ourselves to the light of your presence.

We lift up our intentions for Africa and people of African descent.
May your healing grace be poured out upon this land,
Strengthening its people and empowering them to rise above the challenges they face.

Grant wisdom and discernment to their leaders,
That they may guide their nations with integrity,
Promoting peace, justice, and equality for all.

Bless the African diaspora spread across the earth,
Embrace them in their diversity,
And may they find solace in their heritage and community.

Unite us in a shared commitment to dismantle systems of oppression,
That the wounds of the past may be healed,
And a future of freedom, dignity, and hope may be realised.

We also ask for the grace of self-reflection,
To examine our own hearts and actions,
And to recognize the ways in which we have perpetuated injustice.
Guide us toward a deeper understanding,
So that we may confront our biases, challenge stereotypes,
And work tirelessly for a world where all are seen, valued, and celebrated.

May our collective efforts be infused with compassion,
And may our intentions be grounded in love,
For it is in love that true transformation is born.

We offer this prayer with humility and hope,
Trusting in your abundant grace,
And believing in the possibility of a more just and inclusive world.