Courageously Committed

to God’s Reign of Peace and Justice

Who we are

We are an international group of Religious Sisters; women apostles rooted in faith and hope, ready to risk it all for the Lord.

What we do

We serve where human need is greatest prioritising the poor and marginalised, especially women and children.

Our Mission

We dedicate our lives to the spread of the Gospel, especially in Africa, by the witness of our lives and the sharing of our Faith.

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Witnessing Climate Impact in Africa

The Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles (OLA) and the Society of African Missions (SMA) are proud to announce the launch of their podcast series, "Missionary Voices: Witnessing Climate Impact in Africa," to mark the Season of Creation. This collaboration showcases the...

ACW 2023: Nairobi Hosts Global Climate Leaders

  Africa Climate Week (ACW) is an annual gathering that unites leaders from governments, businesses, international organisations, and civil society to tackle the pressing issue of climate change. This year's event, ACW 2023, is particularly noteworthy, as it...

Sr Patience Ezimigbo OLA Shares her Journey with Kiswahili

Kiswahili: A Language Connecting Past and Present   The 7 July of each year is celebrated as World Kiswahili Language Day. Kiswahili, a language with a rich history and widespread usage, has garnered global recognition for its cultural significance and role in...

Empowering women and girls

Empowering Women and Girls

Since our beginnings the OLA have always paid special attention to the care of women and children. This is an essential part of our OLA identity.

In the course of our work, many of our Sisters encounter instances of gender-based violence. We offer care, support and counselling to women suffering from the ill effects of such violence. Some of our Sisters are engaged with groups working directly for justice for victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

In education, we often work in areas where girls do not have ready access to education. We support their struggle to obtain an education – where possible opening or helping administer schools specifically for girls.

Health care, specifically maternal and child health, have always been the primary focus of OLA work. Our health clinics offer good quality care, often in remote rural areas.

We are also working directly in the area of HIV/AIDS.

The work undertaken by our Sisters covers a range of areas and services, always seeking to empower and uplift women and girls.

Justice Peace Integrity of Creation

Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation

The OLA Justice Desk promotes a more just world from the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching through advocacy, awareness raising and working collaboratively on projects.

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The Blessed Martyrs of Algeria were a group of nineteen people slain in Algeria between 1994 and 1996 during the Algerian Civil War. OLA sisters Angèle-Marie and Bibiane were among them.

Sr Angèle-Marie was born 22 November 1933 in Tunis, Tunisia and entered the Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles in 1957. She made her first vows on 8 September 1959 before arriving in Bouzarea to aid in the running of an orphanage and boarding school for girls. She remained there from 1959 until 1964 when she started working at the Algiers School of Art in Belcourt where she worked until her death. She left Mass on the afternoon of 3 September 1995 alongside Sister Bibiane and was killed ten minutes later en route to the mission house.
Sr Bibiane was born 8 January 1930 in Gazeran, Yvelines, France and entered the Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles on 4 March 1959. She made her first vows on 8 March 1961 prior to being sent to Algeria to Constantine where she worked in a maternity ward. In 1964 she was sent to Algiers to assume charge of a sewing center for underprivileged students.Sr Bibiane was killed together with Sr Angèle-Marie just 100 meters from their house after having left Mass in the afternoon.

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