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To mark the Season of Creation 2023, we the Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles (OLA) have partnered with the Society of African Missions (SMA), to launch the first season of the podcast, Witnessing Climate Impact in Africa.”  In this series we share the powerful narratives of missionary sisters and brothers who live and work in Africa and are witness to on the frontlines of climate impact.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Amazon Music and Audible

Season 1: Witnessing Climate Change in Africa

Episode 1 – Sr Cynthia Nwadike OLA (Botswana)

Sr Cynthia Nwadike OLA, living and working in Botswana, speaks to John McGeady, Justice Officer for the Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles and Gerry Forde, Justice Officer for the Society of African Missions. Her first hand account of the impact of climate change in Botswana and in the communities in which she serves are unexpected and startling.


Episode 2 – Fr Ignatius Malwa SMA (Zambia)

This week on our podcast, we speak with Fr Ignatius, who offers a unique perspective on the changing seasons in Zambia. Join us as Fr Ignatius discusses how these shifts in temperature are not just about weather.

He delves into the concerning rise in out-of-season droughts, the impact on regional food supply and farming practices, and how these changes are affecting food security. We’ll also explore the ripple effects on healthcare and infrastructure.


Episode 3 – Sr Dora Sarah Wilberforce OLA and Sr Dorcas Obeng OLA (Ghana)

In this episode, we hear about the stark transformations occurring in the natural environment, particularly in the oceans. Beyond that, we learn about the heartbreaking consequences, such as the economic hardships driving women and girls into prostitution when crops fail. Additionally, we discover more about the rising trends of urbanization, rampant inflation in essential food items, and the far-reaching effects on crucial resources like energy, water, and food supply. Education, a cornerstone of progress, is also fundamentally affected by these challenges.

Episode 4 – Fr. Patrick Kwiss SMA (Nigeria)

In our latest podcast episode, we sit down with Fr. Patrick Kwiss from Nigeria, a region grappling with the relentless impacts of climate change. Fr. Patrick shares a harrowing tale of his homeland, where the delicate balance between drought and unprecedented rains has given rise to devastating floods. These environmental shifts have led to migration, igniting tensions over land rights and culminating in conflicts that ripple through communities and affect the political landscape. Fr. Patrick’s account underscores a profound truth: the cry of the earth is inexorably intertwined with the cry of the poor. Climate change, with its indirect provocations of violence and conflict, casts a stark light on the urgent need for global awareness and action to protect both our planet and its most vulnerable inhabitants. Listen to this eye-opening episode to gain a deeper understanding of the complex web of challenges faced by communities in the wake of climate change.

Episode 5 – Sr Juvenale Yevide OLA ( Niger & Burkino Faso
In the final of this series Witnessing Climate Impact in Africa, Justice Officers John and Gerry engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Sr. Juvenale Yevide OLA, who brings her insights from Niger and Burkina Faso to the forefront.

This episode delves deep into the far-reaching and gendered consequences of climate change in these two countries, which is driving a significant rural-to-urban migration trend. Explore how this migration is not only reshaping the social fabric of communities but also affecting crime rates, and perhaps most concerning, pushing teenage schoolgirls into early marriages.

Through Sr Juvenile’s testimony, we witness the intersection between climate change and gender dynamics and the complex web of challenges faced by communities in Niger and Burkina Faso. Sr. Juvenale provides invaluable perspectives that shed light on the unique struggles of women and girls in the face of environmental change.