Empowerment of Women

Since our beginnings, the OLA Sisters have always paid special attention to the empowerment of women. It is an essential part of our OLA identity. 

In the area of Education, OLA Sisters often work in areas where girls do not have ready access to Secondary or Vocational Education. Where possible the Sisters support the struggle for women and girls to obtain an education and in many instances they establish or help administer schools specifically for the education of girls.

In the countries in Africa where OLAs have worked, the Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles have been instrumental in building many top quality secondary schools which continue to offer a high quality education for girls today.

In the area of Health Care, Maternal and Child Health has always been a primary focus of OLA work. Our Health Clinics in many African countries offer good quality health care often in remote areas. Many of those attending for treatment are pregnant women and children. Working directly with those suffering from HIV and AIDS enables OLA Sisters to live out their mission by being especially attentive to women and children.

We offer care and support to women suffering from Gender Based Violence (GBV) and some Sisters work directly with groups struggling for justice for victims of GBV.