In our missions, the OLA Sisters offer quality healthcare to patients in all sectors of society through dispensaries, clinics and hospitals, particularly where medical services are not yet adequate. 

There is always a strong emphasis on ensuring that the poorest and most vulnerable in that society have access to healthcare.  In rural areas, our small maternity clinics/hospitals provide a vital service.  Through mobile clinics we take some of the benefits of basic healthcare to remote villages and rural areas where no such services exist.

HIV/AIDS: Today in many parts of Africa, HIV and AIDS are wreaking havoc in the lives of the poor and most vulnerable in society.  HIV/AIDS has undoubtedly been the worst pandemic to hit the human race in the 20th Century.  70% of those living with HIV or suffering from AIDS live in Africa.  Women and children are severely impacted by the effects of HIV and AIDS.

The OLA Sisters in Africa are actively engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS, in the treatment of people affected by this disease and in the support of the families and communities involved.  Education campaigns are also organized, aimed at reducing the on-going stigma associated with HIV.  OLAs are involved in many ways in working for justice for those affected by HIV/AIDS, fighting to overcome the unjust structures associated with the disease.