Biodiversity Awareness 17 – 23 May – Day 3


The Experience of Green Spaces for Health


Green Spaces in urban areas are important places of safety for all sorts of wildlife species, they offer an urban refuge, and they are a valuable support for our biodiversity.

In this video essay, Maria Young of Green Spaces for Health outlines the value of green spaces in urban areas, describes the experience of community gardening in Cork, and provides tips on how other communities can begin the process.



Green Spaces for Health is a city-wide, community led initiative in Cork City. Recognizing the profound benefits reconnecting with nature has for our physical and mental health, Green Spaces for Health emphasizes the transformative power of coming together with others to build a resilient, inclusive community. Green Spaces for Health maintain existing green spaces and seek out new greening opportunities.

To learn more about Green Spaces for Health visit their website here: