The crime of human trafficking occurs in all countries in the world – including Ireland.  And this is not a phenomenon limited to our big cities.  The terrible reality is that victims of human trafficking may potentially be hidden in plain sight, in any community in Ireland. Addressing this crime is a never ending challenge and the Government is committed to further legislation to combat human trafficking and people smuggling as well as the implementation of a comprehensive strategy to combat trafficking of women and girls.

It is also incumbent on all of us to take the time to learn the signs of human trafficking.  Anyone can be exploited and we must be alert in our daily lives to people we encounter who may be victims of this heinous crime.”  ~ Minister for Justice Helen McEntee


We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who joined us for the webinar on Tuesday evening and for the enthusiastic and positive feedback you provided.

I think we can all agree that it was an extremely informative conversation.

We would especially like to thank our speakers, J P O’Sullivan, Communications Manager, MECPATHS, Ann Mara, Education Manager, MECPATHS and Laoise Ní Bhriain, Head of Civil Society Engagement and Impact, The Rights Lab, University of Nottingham for taking the time to share their work and their vast knowledge with us.

For more information on our speakers and the work that they are involved with, you can visit their websites and follow their Twitter accounts:

Twitter: @mecpaths

The Rights Lab, University of Nottingham
Twitter @rightsbeacon


Podcast hosted by the Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Rights Lab covering  the role and nature of academic evidence in relation to human rights, including counter-trafficking.

Rights Track


Radio – interview on HT, called “Do Disturb”



Migrant Rights Council of Ireland (MRCI) – trafficking page
Cork against human trafficking
International Orgisation for Migrants (IOM)
Blue Blindfold
Act to Prevent Trafficking (APT)


Recommended watching

Doing Money – Amazon Prime Video
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Three Girls – Netflix


Anti-Slavery Partnership Toolkit containing useful resources for organisations and networks to help guide effective work on the topic.
Building Slavery free Communities A Resilience Framework
Human Trafficking – Briefing


What Action Can We Take?


During the webinar, J P O’Sullivan brought to our attention the power of writing letters to those in power within our government. It is an important, and often overlooked, part of citizen activism. We encourage you to make contact with your local TDs as well as the Justice Minister, Helen McEntee. Her contact details are:

Phone: 046-9252955
Twitter: @HMcEntee

In closing, we would like to remind you of Ann Mara’s words, if your gut tells you there’s something wrong, take appropriate action.