The Horticulture LTI Programme at Ardfoyle

Pictured: Sr Agnes Haverty, Joyce Long, Sr Mary Barron, Sr Mary Crowley, Finola McCarthy, Sr Kathleen McGarvey, John McGeady 

The old Laundry Garden in Ardfoyle is now a thriving seasonal garden. In 2018 we were delighted to welcome the Horticulture Programme that was once in Bessborough. This is a Local Training Initiative that aims to provide a holistic adult learning experience in a caring and supportive environment. They are a community-based horticulture training programme aiming to promote social inclusion, personal fulfilment, improved wellbeing and progression. They strive to maintain a learning environment that is positive, nurturing, inclusive, fun and meaningful for their learners.

The programme at Ardfoyle is run by Larry and his team, and today as well as providing a great opportunity to the students who come for the programme, it offers a haven of God’s creation and is very much in line with our commitment to work for climate justice and to promote care of the earth, our common home.

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