Volunteer Report

Elizabeth Byrne reports on her volunteer work in Ghana while six UCC students make final preparations for Tanzanian mission.

200 Years of Missionary Service

Sr Jo Cox speaks about her work on the missions and what it was like to have three siblings who were also OLA missionary Sisters.

Focus on Family: Botswana

Sr Pascaline Balima gets an insight into family life in Botswana.

Focus on Family: Italy

A family from Padua in northern Italy give an insight into their life.

Focus on Family: Algeria

Monaghan native Sr Dympna Mc Eneaney reflects on her experience of family life in Algeria.

Focus on Family: France

Sr Rachel Hohmann gives an insight into family life in France.

Family on Focus: Niger

Mr. Serge Xavier Oga reflects on the impact that Western Culture is having on traditional family life in Niger.

Family on Focus: Lebanon

Mrs Jocelyne Majdalani gives an account of family life in her hometown of Rawda.

Family on Focus: Québec

Sr Camilla Martin reports the benefits of Non Violent Communication in the family home.

Archive Corner: Organising and Coding in Cork

Michael Kelliher on how a new filing system will make life easier for researchers.