Climate Policy, Ideology and the Prophetic Imagination of Laudato Si’ - Part 2 of 3

Our Justice Officer explores ideology from Brueggemann's perspective of royal consciousness and the danger of allowing our technological power to become a false idol.

Climate Policy, Ideology and the Prophetic Imagination of Laudato Si’ - Part 1 of 3

We begin our series by examining the failings of Irish climate policy and the role ideology plays in shaping politics and policy.

Who Will Roll Back the Stone

Sr Eileen Cummins shares a thought provoking reflection on COVID-19

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Support Socially Just Policies

Our letter to Political Leaders on the next programme for government. We invite you to support...

African Innovation in the Midst of Pandemic

While this pandemic may be taking its toll on the world and we are all feeling the effects of the sweeping changes that have impacted our lives, there are those who remain solution focused and their t…


A reflection during COVID-19 by Sr Martha Aherne OLA

Impact of COVID-19 on OLA Communities in Nigeria

Our Nigerian sisters share the impact of COVID-19 in Nigeria

OLA Support Policy Proposals from Social Justice Ireland

OLA sisters come from a missionary and religious perspective, especially concerned about the impact of environmental degradation on the poorest people in our world.

OLA Sisters in Tanzania Continue Serving

We recently spoke with Sr Celestina about life in Tanzania during the Coronavirus Pandemic