Water Scarcity is a Cause of Poverty and Conflict

Our ecosystems are under major pressure due to rapidly increasing populations, urbanisation and climate change.

Focus on Family: Chad

Family life in Chad is described by a humanitarian worker who has lived there for several years.

What does the World Meeting of Families Mean to You?

We asked members of the public, “What is your reason for visiting the World Meeting of Families, and what do you hope to gain from this experience?”

Focus on Family: Togo

Continuing our Focus on Family series buy looking at family life in Togo.

Building a Culture of Encounter - The New Era of Mission

Let us embrace this new world and make use of social media to spread our mission message and values.

Reflections on Pope Francis

Sr Mariela Rochietti, OLA Sister from Argentina, shares her insights on Pope Frances and how he has impacted her life and outreach into the ghettos of Argentina.

Focus on Family: Nigeria

We continue our series on Family Life ahead of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin

A Journey Through Amoris Laetitia

Reflecting on what Amoris Laetitia has to say to families as they experience the ups and downs of family life...

Pope's Prayer Intention for August 2018

Join us in prayer for the intentions entrusted to us by Pope Francis.

Historic Change to Catholic Catechism, Death Penalty is "inadmissible"

Pope Francis has ordered a revision to the catechism of the Catholic Church to commit the church to work toward the abolition of the death penalty worldwide.