Staff, Students and Ex-Students of Saint Teresa’s, wearing white and brown the colour of the school’s uniform for the occasion

On the 30th of January 2023 St. Theresa College Ibadan marked its 90th  Anniversary.  Celebrations of Mass, prayer, music, song and dance continued until 4th February, and a rich variety of cultural displays and so much more punctuated the four days of joyful celebrations.

The forever faithful ex-Theresians left no stone unturned to ensure that their dear Alma Mater was well “dressed up’ for the occasion, fortified for another lengthy lifespan to prepare young Nigerian girls of today for a challenging tomorrow.

Brief history of the life and beginnings of St Theresa’s College, Ibadan

Teresa’s College had its beginnings in St. Mary’s primary School in Lagos in the very early 90s. The OLA Sisters (Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles) were founded for Missionary work in Africa, with a special mandate, which we had learned off by heart…. The education, formation and the betterment of the life of the African woman which at the time (early 90s) was not a priority. So wherever there was a spare room available in the compound, the Sisters established a School! It seems there was such a room at St Mary’s primary school, Lagos, attached to the OLA primary school, and it welcomed in young girls to begin their secondary education and thus the seed of St Theresa College was sown

The demand was great, numbers increased, and it grew and grew like the proverbial mustard seed! In time it had to move out and begin a life of its own elsewhere. The school relocated to Oke-Ado, Ibadan around the mid forties where Sister Sylvester Hogan became its first principal there. It became well known for its excellence and its all round education which included sports, music, debating society and much more. It is recorded that among the first graduates from the National University, Ibadan were past pupils of St. Teresa’s College.

In those early days the numbers were relatively small and manageable, today they have increased and multiplied into challenging numbers. 

The ex-Theresians, are a real lifeline, for the continued life and growth of their Alma Mater, for the present day students and for Nigeria as a nation.  Thank you.


Pictured here is Agnes Hassan, the last O.L.A Sister to serve as the Principal of Teresa’s college