While this pandemic may be taking its toll on the world and we are all feeling the effects of the sweeping changes that have impacted our lives, there are those who remain solution focused and their talents and imagination take flight.

Richard Kwarteng is an innovative young man living in the city of Kumasi in Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Amid the fears about lack of hand washing hygiene and the spread of COVID-19, Richard and his brother Jude Osei took it upon themselves to come up with a solution.

Solar Wash was the invention that the pair came up with to encourage Ghanaians to wash their hands.

Solar Wash is inspired by the Veronica Bucket which is a sanitation set-up that originated in Ghana. It comprises of a bucket with a tap fixed at the bottom together with a bowl to collect waste water.

Concerned about the fact that one had to touch the tap before and after washing one’s hands, Richard and Jude realised the need for a sensor to allow individuals to wash their hands without having to touch the tap.

The sink is made of a recycled barrel and has a double tap, one for liquid soap and the other for water. When the sensor is activated, soapy water is dispensed. After 25 seconds, in accordance with the 20-second hand-washing guidance issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an alarm sounds and clean water flows to allow for rinsing.

(photo credit – screenshot from Youtube Video)

Amkwaah Boakye, an electrician and friend of the brothers, took care of the wiring while the brothers programmed the motherboard.

The Technology was certified by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) in only four days instead of the normal twenty-one days in recognition of the necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team was commended by the Ghanaian President, Nana Akuffu-Addo as well as by the United Nations.