The Irish antennae of Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network recently hosted a webinar on Corporate Accountability and Human Rights: Responding to Abuses in Africa.

The webinar focused on the problem of corporate human rights abuses in Africa, and gave us an opportunity to learn about the corporate accountability legislation presently before the EU, why it is needed, and how we can take action to support it.

As a member organisation, and co-organisor of the webinar, we share the recording of the webinar with you here and encourage you to take part in the actions suggested:


AEFJN is an international network of religious congregations focused on promoting economic justice between the European Union and sub-Saharan Africa. The Irish branch, a collaboration of nine religious congregations, focuses on advocacy and awareness raising. As citizens of the European Union, we in Ireland are in a position to advocate for just economic policies in our relationship with Africa. For more information on AEFJN Ireland see their

On the website you will find the following resources to accompany the webinar:

On the AEFJN website you will find:

  1. A recording of the Webinar itself.

  2. One-Pager from the ICBHR on the EU Corporate Accountability Legislation and how it can be improved.

  3. ICBHR Briefing Paper on the EU Corporate Accountability Legislation and how it can be improved.

  4. Gary Walsh’s (Trócaire) Presentation. HERE

  5. Photos from Fr. Kevin O’ Hara.

  6. A copy of the letter that we hope you will download, print and send. HERE

  7. A list of the questions that were asked at the webinar.

  8. Replies from Minister Robert Troy to our letters.

  9. Some screenshots from the Webinar

  10. Oil-rich Niger Delta still ‘land of misery’