We are delighted to share the news of the Final Profession of Sr Donatha Paul Urassa OLA, held in Mwamapalala on Saturday 18th February 2023.

The celebration of her final profession was a significant milestone in the life of Sr Donatha, it was the public declaration of her commitment to live a life of service to God. It is the culmination of a long and rigorous journey of discernment and formation and is the first Final Profession of a Tanzanian OLA.

The ceremony of final profession was a joyful occasion, celebrated with a Mass and a gathering of the community, family, and friends. The Bishop of Shinyanga, Bishop Liberatus Sangu, was the main celebrant.

During the Mass, Sr Donatha made her final vows, committing herself to a life of service, simplicity, selflessness, and devotion to God. This is a radical choice in today’s materialistic and self-centered culture.  Sr. Mary T Barron, OLA Congregational Leader, received the vows.

After the ceremony, there was much celebration and thanksgiving.  The newly professed OLA Sister received congratulations, gifts, and words of encouragement from all who attended.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude for Sr Donatha’s  dedication, sacrifice, and service, and to pray for her as she continues to serve God and the community, and live out her life as a witness of God’s love and mercy in the world.

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