Community Climate Action Programme –¬†Week 1

An introduction to climate change and biodiversity and the CCAP programme and identifying local resources and skills available to the group.

Resources from week 1

Clip One: Project Drawdown Climate Solutions – Unit One Setting the Scene
Clip Two: Hans Rosling 200 Years of Climate Change
Clip Three: This is Ireland – Video courtesy of Crossing the Line Productions

“Homework” Viewing

  Please watch the following video clips before the next session.  These will assist in a better understanding of Climate Change. These videos come from Project Drawdown, a huge resource of information on solutions to climate change.

Unit One – Setting the Scene

Unit Two – Stopping Climate Change

Further Resources

If you wish to further explore the Planetary Boundaries Model you can find further information on their website Home – Take a step with Breaking Boundaries & Count Us In and watch the documentary Breaking Boundaries if you have netflix.

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