Community Climate Action Programme – Week 2

Consumption and Waste

Resources from week 2

“Homework” Consumer Footprint Calculator and Viewing

The Consumer Footprint Calculator allows you to calculate the environmental impacts of your consumption pattern, as well as to evaluate how changes in your lifestyle may affect your personal footprint. It considers five areas of consumption, namely food, mobility, housing, household appliances, and household goods.  Please work your way through the questions using the below link (about 10 minutes).  It will ask you about your electricity, and heating energy (gas or oil) usage.  If you can find this information from your energy bills it will be helpful for session four on energy and travel.  If not the Irish per person average is 4,200 KWh per year and 11,000 KWh of gas or oil per year.  You can use the average water usage of below 45 cubic metres (45,000 litres).

When you have completed the exercise please download your results into a pdf and try to email the results it to us before next Tuesday.

Project Drawdown Climate Solutions Unit Three – Reducing Sources

Please watch the following video before the next session.  This continues the six part Project Drawdown, Climate Solutions Series.

Further Resources

If you wish to further explore the Happy Planet Index further you can watch this Nic Marks TED talk, Happy Planet Index.  If you wish to learn more about the many ways inequality undermines our wellbeing you can watch this Richard Wilkinson TED talk, How Economic Inequality Harms Society.

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