The Cork Three Faiths Forum brings together members of the three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

It was formed in May 2016 by a group of like minded individuals who were interested in cultivating understanding and respect among the diverse faith groups in Ireland.  The forum seeks to create a space for open dialogue where people of faith can come together in the spirit of cooperation and friendship and work together toward understanding of each other’s faith work.  

“We, the members of the Three Faiths Forum in Cork, condemn all acts of violence and of exclusion, particularly those done in the name of religion. We call on all citizens of good will to promote a culture of peace and of co-existence in our land, and to do all we can to reduce isolation, fear, racism and tensions in our Irish society today.”

~ Extract form a press release by the Cork Three Faiths Forum, July 2017.

The forum is built upon the values of hospitality, justice, peace, love, mercy, forgiveness and care of the earth.

The forum provides an invaluable service, not only in Cork, but for the larger Irish Society, and brings together people of faith from farther afield too. They provide inspiration, motivation and a sense of belonging in a society that is increasingly diverse and divided in recognising and embracing the value of religion and religious heritage.

Last year, the group produced a pocket guide which was distributed to schools across Ireland, as well as to the wider public. The objective of the pocket guide is to provide insight and understanding into the perspectives of each faith.

They also produce an annual inter-faith calendar marking the holy days of each faith. This too is to schools and communities nationwide.

You can download the calendar here:

3FF Calendar 2022

The next event hosted by the Cork Three Faith’s Forum is: Women of Faith, Working for Peace and you can book to attend here:

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