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2023 Conference on Intergenerational Climate Justice
Climate and Biodiversity: Thinking Ecologically
“Cherishing Life on Earth”


 Date:  Thursday, 26 October 2023, via Zoom, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (GMT+1)

The highly anticipated fourth Conference Intergenerational Climate Justice will place a spotlight on the intricate relationship between the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis. Through engaging presentations and interactive exercises, we will collectively explore the meaning and significance of thinking ecologically. Please register at

Why this Conference?

The Intergenerational Imperative: The climate crisis is an inherently intergenerational issue, one that carries profound implications for the generations that follow. As stewards of this planet, it is our moral responsibility to engage in intergenerational discourse. By fostering dialogue that bridges generational divides, we can collectively chart a sustainable path forward. The knowledge, perspectives, and passion of younger generations are invaluable assets in this endeavour

The Link between the Climate and Biodiversity Crises: In the intricate web of Earth’s ecosystems, a profound interdependence between climate and biodiversity emerges. The degradation and disappearance of habitats due to climate-induced changes place countless species on the precipice of extinction, while the concurrent loss of biodiversity, including critical pollinators and keystone species, amplifies climate change, eroding the Earth’s innate capacity to naturally regulate its climate. This interplay underscores the urgency of addressing both crises holistically.

Format of the Conference:

The day is designed to give the participants valuable insight into the inextricable link between climate change and biodiversity and why we need to take an ecological approach. We have an international line up of speakers who will help to shed light on various facets of climate change, ecology, and biodiversity, including: Aoife Corcoran,  Environmental Research Institute UCC; Emma Hart, Conservation ecologist; James Orr, Friends of the Earth; Catherine Seale-Duggan, Community Water Officer for Cork

Abigael Kima and John Hillary Balyejusa will be sharing their experiences of climate change in Kenya and Uganda and ECO-UNESCO will moderate an intergenerational conversation between environmental advocate Helen Oโ€™Dowd of Elders for Earth and Earth and Saoirse Exton, a secondary school student from Limerick and UN Climate Advisor.

Organisers: The Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles (OLA), Society of African Missions (SMA), the Social and Health Education Project (SHEP), Elders for Earth, the North Cathedral and Blackpool Parish Climate Justice Group, St. Anneโ€™s Shandon Justice Group, and Eco-UNESCO.

About Cork Conference on Intergenerational Climate Justice

The Cork Conference on Intergenerational Climate Justice is an annual event dedicated to fostering awareness, understanding, and action on issues related to climate change, intergenerational justice, and biodiversity. Since its inception, the conference has provided a platform for thought leaders, educators, and the community to come together to address pressing environmental challenges.

Registrations:  (closing date for registrations is 19 October 2023)