During this month of June, our hearts are tenderly turned towards Africa and all people of African descent, remembering too the African diaspora throughout Ireland and across the globe. As we enter this sacred time of prayer and reflection, we hold close these intentions, seeking God’s presence in every word and action.

Peace and Stability:

We invoke the spirit of peace to settle over the lands of the African continent, and pray that the echoes of conflict may finally be stilled. May her leaders be vessels of wisdom and compassion, nurturing environments where communities flourish in harmony and security. We pray for the gentle yet powerful breath of peace to touch every heart and home.

Health and Well-being:

In our prayers, we reach out to those grappling with health challenges, especially in regions where care is scarce. May the strength of our Creator uplift the sick and the weary, bringing healing and comfort. We pray for the angels among us—healthcare workers and caregivers—whose hands bring solace and whose spirits shine brightly in the darkness of illness, both across Africa and within the African communities here in Ireland.

Education and Opportunity:

Education is the seed of transformation. We pray for the doors of knowledge to be opened wide for all children and young people in Africa. May their minds and hearts be nourished, enabling them to forge paths of promise and potential. Let us also remember the educators, whose dedication shapes the futures of countless lives, and may they be blessed with wisdom and perseverance.

Justice and Human Rights:

Our prayers ascend for justice and human rights to prevail. We stand with those who suffer under the weight of discrimination and oppression, asking for the courage to dismantle systems of injustice. May every person of African descent, both on the continent and within the diaspora, experience the full measure of dignity and equality. We ask for fortitude for the advocates and warriors of justice, that their efforts may lead to a world where love and fairness reign supreme.

Environmental Stewardship:

Africa’s natural beauty and bounty are treasures of the earth. We acknowledge the historical and ongoing plundering of these resources by the developed world, which has led to significant environmental and socio-economic repercussions. May we recognise our responsibility and take urgent action to stop exploitation and support sustainable practices. We pray for the guardianship of these resources, that they may be cherished and preserved. In our shared responsibility, let us commit to actions that honour the earth and its gifts, mindful of our interconnectedness with all life.

Spiritual Nourishment:

We pray for the spiritual nourishment of all the people African people. May the divine light infuse every soul with hope and resilience. Let faith communities be strongholds of love and grace, nurturing spirits and fostering a sense of belonging. We pray for the strength to be sources of compassion and justice, embodying the sacred call to love and serve.


In our journey of prayer, we invite the divine presence of God to guide and sustain us. Let our hearts be open, our spirits be willing, and our actions be rooted in love and justice. Together, we lift Africa, her diaspora, and her people in prayer, trusting in the boundless grace of our Creator.