All life on earth is bound up with trees: they are critical to biodiversity. Our native woodland is home to a wealth of wildlife from shade-loving plants and delicate fungi to nesting birds, mammals and insects. Trees and woodland ecosystems in particular provide clean air, offer protection from flooding and store carbon. Biodiversity enriches our lives.

In this video essay, Maria Young of Green Spaces for Health explains the value of trees to biodiversity and their functioning in an ecosystem, describes the experience of conducting a community tree audit and its value, and provides tips on how and why your community can and should begin tree mapping.



Green Spaces for Health is a city-wide, community led initiative in Cork City. Recognizing the profound benefits reconnecting with nature has for our physical and mental health, Green Spaces for Health emphasizes the transformative power of coming together with others to build a resilient, inclusive community. Green Spaces for Health maintain existing green spaces and seek out new greening opportunities.

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