The Corona-19 pandemic has forced so much change upon us over the last 18 months, not least of which is the gathering in person of our loved ones to mark the milestones of grief.

One such milestone is the OLA Biennial Remembrance day that traditionally takes place in June, and was due to take place this year.

It is always a special occasion, in which we gather with the families of our departed sisters and celebrate Mass, remembering their lives and their sacrifice and praying for the repose of their souls. It is always an interactive occasion, with a member of the family lighting a candle at the altar in memory of their dearly departed.

This is followed by the blessing of the graves in Ardfoyle ceremony as we remember our Sisters buried across the world.

Due to the restrictions in place this year, we were unable to gather in person, but our Sisters attended a private Mass in the Ardfoyle Chapel, and the blessing of the graves was performed by Fr Martin Kavanagh SMA.

“You have been chosen by God to continue in your way, the work Jesus Christ confided to his Apostles. It there any other task that could be more important?

God will know how to put the necessary apostolic zeal into your hearts; Courage therefore, patience always; prayer can often do more than all your efforts.”

Mindful of these words of our founder, Fr Augustin Planque, we gathered in Ardfoyle cemetery to remember the 200 OLA buried there. We remember those OLA Sisters buried elsewhere in the world, and particularly in the warm soil of Africa, and as we remember the families they came from and the communities they served, we listened to the Word of God from the Book of Wisdom.



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