The Irish Coalition for Business and Human Rights (ICBHR) is campaigning for new corporate accountability legislation to prevent abuses by making Irish-based companies accountable for a range of corporate human rights violations including forced labour, land grabs, attacks on human rights defenders, violence against women and denial of people’s fundamental rights at work. The law would also allow victims to take companies to court in Ireland for damages.

The ICBHR is made up of a range of NGOs and civil society groups from across Ireland, and is a member of the European Coalition for Corporate Justice.

Earlier this month, they launched the Make it Your Business campaign. As a part of the newly formed Irish Antennae of the Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN), the Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles are supporting the Make it Your Business campaign to advocate for a new law that will prevent abuses, hold companies responsible and allow victims to seek justice.

Currently only one in three businesses in the EU are assessing the impact of their operations on human rights and the environment

The video below explains the impacts on communities’ human rights and the environment:



The Coalitions new report, also titled “Make It Your Business”, outlines the need for a new law to hold Irish-based companies to account. You can read the report here: Make_it_your_Business_ICBHR

If you would like to join the campaign, you can do so here: