Over the past weekend, a group of our sisters, together with the SMAs, journeyed to Knock for the 44th annual SMA Pilgrimage to Knock. This journey marks the conclusion of the week long Novena of Prayer to Our Lady of Knock, concluding with a Mass at Knock Shrine. This sacred event is a mainstay of our spiritual calendar, and has long stood as a cornerstone of faith and prayer for many. The weekend brought together SMA and OLA missionaries, as well as supporters from across Ireland, to seek Our Lady’s intercession for our intentions.

There are over 800 SMA (Society of African Missions) and OLA (Our Lady of Apostles) missionaries in more than 17 African countries and other locations around the world, many of whom tuned in to the mass via the internet. 

This pilgrimage not only offered spiritual renewal but also highlighted the steadfast commitment of those who dedicated their lives to serving others. As our sisters returned from this sacred journey, they carried with them the grace of Our Lady of Knock.

Our Lady of Knock, Pray for Us.