As we continue our journey to an Integral Ecology, we share with you Pope Francis’s video which invites us to join the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

Caring for our brothers and sisters means caring for the home we share. This responsibility is “essential to a life of virtue” (LS 217). The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development has developed the Laudato Si’ Action Platform as a space for institutions, communities, and families to learn and grow together as we journey towards full sustainability in the holistic spirit of integral ecology. You are warmly invited to join this community. Your unique “culture, experience, involvements, and talents” are needed on our journey towards greater love for our Creator, each other, and the home we share. (LS 14)

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is a unique collaboration between the Vatican, an international coalition of Catholic organizations, and “all men and women of good will.” (LS 3) Taking a truly ground-up approach, it is rooted in the strengths and realities of communities around the world, empowering all to take “decisive action, here and now” as we journey towards a better future together. (LS 161)

Action is urgently needed. Our Creator called the human family to be the steward of creation, but we have neglected that call. Our hotter, dirtier, deader planet is driving up the risk of suffering. The most vulnerable suffer above all.

At this kairos moment, we are responding to the call for healing in our relationships with God, our neighbors, and the Earth itself. Through the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, we are walking the “path to renewal” together (LS 202).

~ Laudato Si’ Action Platform

In order to involve all of the 7 Sectors ( Parishes and Dioces, Families, Economy, Hospitals, Education Institutions, Groups and Organisations) for the Laudato Si’ Action Platform and to leave no one behind on October 4, the feast of St Francis of Assisi, the saintly patron of ecology, we will begin a 40 days prayer and promotion campaign. The enrolment of participants in the platform will begin on 14 November 2021 the Global Day of the Poor.

You can register your interest on their website: Laudato Si’ Action Platform