Sr Martha Aherne feeding the ducks

This may be a scary time for a lot of us especially for those of us who have to cocoon; the above 70s who to some extent have enjoyed the joys of Gods freedom to His children.  It has been a challenging time and a time I never imagined would have been in our time. A time where we have heard about so much sadness as well as a solidarity, not just far away but close to home and at home. People we have known and loved have suffered the devastating effects of a new virus that is killing thousands.  I never imagined in my wildest dream that we would not be able to participate in the sacraments that we have grown to love since childhood: A time we would not be able to go to Holy Mass even during Lent, Holy week and Easter. Yet it was refreshing to see creativity at its best and be able to some extent identify with what is life-giving to many of us that could not go out: following Mass on television.

Positively, these few weeks have also been a time to reflect and appreciate the gift of life freely given by the author of life: a grace filled time, that we will never have again, we hope not anyway. It has been a time to reflect, pray and give the Spirit space to speak to each one of us about ourselves, one another, the earth and all of creation. It has to an extent endeared us more deeply to all other aspects of life, creation and the creator.

While personally I feel redundant being usually a very active person, this has also been a time of leisure. To while away the hours of leisure which I suddenly have at hand, I have used the opportunity to put in order things that I have procrastinated for a long time, do a thorough cleaning, pray with the world and for those who stand in need of our prayers, had many walks around the space I really am grateful to have to be able to do so. I have even improved my technology skills a tiny bit.

My ministry is particularly dear to my heart. Thank God, I try to keep in touch by phone with those I have contact number for, to let them know that they are in our daily prayers and not alone in all of this.

It’s amazing how much this grace filled time has led me to learn more about myself as well as look deeper into my inner resources. I pray that this time will be worth looking back on in the future and that we will all see it as a time of grace given to us to experience God’s beauty in creation, to stop and stare, to treasure: the clean air, the birds singing, the beautiful blossoms on the tree.

May God shower his many blessings on us and help us all to see the things that really matter. May he bless all frontline workers all over the world who are caring for the sick and suffering; and may God lay his healing touch on all. May Mary our mother be with us as we pray, to know the whisper of God’s loving presence and the wonder of God’s gift of Peace.