Let’s join in on this journey with the two disciples! They were deep in conversation, obviously despondent, disappointed, their hopes dashed etc.  Don’t we all have our own personal and family Emmaus journeys? And that road can be taking us anywhere, into homes, kitchens and living rooms, unemployment, heavy mortgages, broken relationships, hospital wards, the lists goes on….

Let’s turn again to the two Disciples on the way to Emmaus: A Stranger catches up on them and asks them what they are talking about as they walk; needless to say He saw it from a distance. Well, if that Stranger was to join any group today and ask what you are talking about, the answer would surely be Covid-19.

Notice this Stranger’s approach: He LISTENS to them, let’s them talk and talk about their particular situation….He then shares the bread of the Word of God with them; gradually and unknown to them He was healing them, empowering them, lifting them up into men of Hope and as they said afterwards, “Weren’t our hearts burning within us as He shared with us on the way….!” And at the end of the Journey this Stranger took some bread, blessed it and broke it and shared it with them and left them….! Wouldn’t you wonder what prevented them from recognizing Him on their journey….? Maybe He came across as an Ordinary non-threatening person…


  • Let me go into my own Emmaus Road through life…. talk to Jesus freely about what is happening in my journey… who was it and what was it that helped me on my journey….what is it or has it been like for me?
  • Who might the people that frequent that road with me be? Do they really listen to me when I am downhearted?
  • Do I find myself saying to them: “Stay with me” …experiencing the strength and power of their Healing and Listening presence, sharing the gift of the Word of God with me in a simple and powerful way, using words that build me up….?
  • I might like to ask myself what is preventing me from recognizing the Presence of God in my life, in other people…?
  • I might also ask myself could I be a more healing, positive and encouraging travelling companion on the Emmaus Road?
  • I bring the reflection to an end by thanking God for the gift of His Presence in me, within me and around me and the Faith to recognize Him in the Scriptures, the breaking of Bread and in the multiple strangers in our midst…!

from the Mission and Ongoing Formation Commission (Irish Province)