At the heart of our mission, guided by faith and compassion, our sisterhood embarks on a journey of service to Africa and people of African descent. As an OLA Sister, I find profound joy and fulfilment in every step I take on this path of love.

My calling to serve has been an integral part of my life since childhood. As OLA Sisters, our lives are centred around our faith, and it is through this faith that I find the strength and resilience to face the challenges that come my way, and there are indeed many challenges. The core of our mission is not geographical; it is a spiritual journey.

Every day, I am blessed with encounters that reveal the Divine presence in my life, infusing me with a sense of purpose and direction. These moments are not confined to the walls of a chapel but are found in the smiles of the people I meet, the tears I wipe away, and the hands I hold in times of need. It is in these daily interactions that I am reminded of our interconnectedness as children of God.

Embracing our Cenacle Spirituality means opening my heart to the love and compassion that flow from the presence of God’s Spirit. It is in these moments of reflection and prayer that I find the strength and hope needed to serve with love and purpose. My spiritual practices, both personal and communal, help me cultivate a profound awareness of God’s love and grace in every aspect of my life, guiding me to live with intention and dedication.

One of the remarkable aspects of our sisterhood is the diverse and unique ways each of us contributes to our mission. While some of us are frontline workers, actively engaging with the communities we serve, others work tirelessly behind the scenes, offering support and logistical expertise. Some have found their purpose in teaching and education, empowering the youth to build a brighter future, while others have become healers and caregivers. The diversity within the OLA communities around the world enriches our mission and strengthens our collective impact.

You may wonder about the faces behind our mission. Our mission is not about seeking recognition or fame. For some of us prefer to remain unseen but ever-present, it’s not the spotlight that fuels our passion, but the desire to touch lives and create a positive change in the world. I understand that the impact of our work extends far beyond what is visible to the eye. In the quiet moments of connection, the small acts of kindness, given and received, I see the true essence of our calling. I am deeply grateful and humbled by the vital contribution of those of us who are more visible in the public eye and who take up leadership roles. Their courage to be seen and heard, and to serve as a visible presence for God inspires me.

In the face of challenges and obstacles, my faith sustains me. I am not immune to hardships or struggles, but I draw strength from knowing that I am not alone on this journey. Our lives are interconnected, and my fellow Sisters form a supportive and loving community that stands together.

Together, we stand united, finding God in all things, and in return, discovering ourselves in God’s loving embrace. Our mission is not about converting others to our own beliefs; rather, it is about embodying the love and compassion of Christ and inspiring others to do the same in their unique ways.

Through our work in Africa, I have witnessed and continue to witness the beauty and richness of African cultures, the resilience of the African people, and the depth of their faith. I stand in awe of the vastness of this continent, recognising that I am but a small part of the greater expanse of God’s creation.

As an ordinary woman, I am driven by a shared purpose to bring love and compassion to those in need. It is through this shared commitment and unwavering faith that I hope to contribute to the creation of a world where every person, regardless of their background or circumstances, feels the warmth of God’s love and experiences the transformative power of compassion.

I invite you to join hands with us in unity. We stand strong – united in faith, driven by hope, and bound by the connections that unite us all. Together, we aspire to be instruments of love, compassion, and service to Africa and her people. May our humble efforts continue to sow seeds of positive change, leaving a lasting impact on the lives we touch. This is my personal journey, and I am humbled and grateful to be a part of this great mission of love.