To all our friends and loved ones, we want to assure you that you have not been forgotten. We remember you each day in our prayers in our communities in both in Ireland and in Tanzania.

We are experiencing trying times. It is especially difficult when we are unable to be with our loved ones during times of illness and loss.

Now, with the restrictions placed on us in order to keep us safe from COVID-19, we are deprived of the public celebrations of Holy Week and Easter – the liturgies that embody the heart of our faith and bring us much personal, spiritual enrichment.

But it is not all gloom. While we are unable to celebrate Mass in person, there are many resources that we can avail of to celebrate in different ways, be that via the internet, television or radio. You can find links to various services here: Where to find Live Streams to Celebrate Mass.

The pandemic, with the frightening stories of suffering and death, and the various measures taken by governments around the world to prevent the spread of the virus, provides a context of finding deeper meaning the in the Paschal mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Death doesn’t have the last word! This is the heart of our faith. We encourage you to follow the events of the passion of Jesus through the eyes of our Holy Mother. She was there; she witnessed her son’s suffering, death and ultimately, His resurrection. Share in her pain and her sorrow, but remember to share too in her profound joy at being loved by Jesus, our Saviour. Feel the miracle of His ultimate sacrifice.

Just because we are unable to gather together in our churches, does not take from us the fact that WE ARE THE CHURCH. Be assured that while we do not gather together physically, we are spiritually united. We encourage you to find ways within your own homes to join us as we connect spiritually with the body of Christ. Follow the live stream Masses, immerse yourself in the scriptures.

We continue to pray daily for your intentions and to offer Mass for our friends and loved ones, including you who are reading this, even as we participate in the services being celebrated on the airwaves and the internets.

As always, if you have a specific intention, we invite you to send those to us and we will include them in our daily prayers.

This Easter is different for all of us. We are reminded in this Easter time that God can do the impossible; we just have to trust. The stone will be rolled away, so that life can be manifest.

May you have a meaningful and Blessed Easter!

We include here the Holy Father’s prayer for Spiritual Communion:

I prostrate myself at your feet, O my Jesus,
and I offer you the repentance of my contrite heart,
which abases itself in its nothingness
in Your Holy Presence.

I adore you in the Sacrament of Your Love;
I desire to receive You in the poor abode
that my heart offers You.

While waiting for the happiness
of a Sacramental Communion,
I want to possess You in spirit.

Come to me, O my Jesus,
that I may come to You.
May Your Love inflame my whole being,
in life and in death. 

I believe in You,
I hope in You,
I love You.