Deuteronomy 30:11-20 The word of God is very close to you

Matthew 5:1-12 Blessed are you


The Word of God is very close to us. It is a blessing and a promise of happiness. If we open our hearts, God speaks to us and patiently transforms that which is dying in us. He removes that which prevents the growth of real life, just as the vine grower prunes the vine.

Regularly meditating on a biblical text, alone or in a group, changes our outlook. Many Christians pray the Beatitudes every day. The Beatitudes reveal to us a happiness that is hidden in that which is unfulfilled, a happiness that lies beyond suffering: blessed are those who, touched by the Spirit, no longer hold back their tears but let them flow and thus receive consolation. As they discover the wellspring hidden within their inner landscape, the hunger for justice, and the thirst to engage with others for a world of peace, grows in them.

We are constantly called to renew our commitment to life, through our thoughts and actions. There are times when we already taste, here and now, the blessing that will be fulfilled at the end of time.

“Pray and work that God may reign. Throughout your day Let the Word of God breathe life into work and rest. Maintain inner silence in all things so as to dwell in Christ. Be filled with the spirit of the Beatitudes, joy, simplicity, mercy.” [These words are recited daily by the Sisters of the Grandchamp Community]


Blessed are you, God our Father,
for the gift of your word in Holy Scripture.
Blessed are you for its transforming power.
Help us choose life
and guide us by your Spirit,
so that we can experience
the happiness which you want
so much to share with us.


  • What does it mean to you that “God may reign” in your life? Is there anything you could change or adjust?
  • If your church(es) were to live the “Beatitudes” each day what difference would this make to the communities they serve?
  • What does it mean in our world today to be blessed by God?

Go and Do

Global: Find out more about communities across the world.

Local: What one act of kindness could your local community take together to be a unified blessing in your wider community?

Personal: Read the Beatitudes through slowly (Matthew 5: 3-11). Which of the actions described in the passage are you encouraged to take today?