Our prayer focus for July and August is for Victims of Human Trafficking.



I am Sister Veronica Ifeyinwa Onyeanisi of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles, Nigeria Province. I work with Interfaith forum of Muslim and Christian women’s Association a.k.a Women’s Interfaith Council (WIC). With me here are Hajiya Daharatu Ahmed Aliyu,  Muslim Coordinator and Mrs. Elizabeth Abuk Christian Co-ordinator. We have come together as one family to pray for the end of Human trafficking in our country, Nigeria.

Prayer against Human Trafficking

Father of the vulnerable!

We come to you this day, asking for your mercy and redemption over your children that are being deceived, recruited and trafficked into unknown land for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forceful and cheap labour.

  1. We pray for conversion of all those who are perpetuating these ugly actions:

God of all goodness, merciful and loving father, touch the hearts of all those who are involved in trafficking of all kinds, may they be truelly sorry for their actions against humanity. May they stop the promotion of human trafficking of all kinds and work for the good of all.

  1. For all those in government offices and civil leaders

Lord many are impoverished due to lack of job and insecurity in our land. Many are dying of starvation and hunger. Many are being pushed into being trafficking due to hunger and helplessness.  We pray for our political leaders and all those in authority that they may ensure that the welfare of the citizenry are taken care of through the provision of basic needs of the people/essential amenities, employment, security, education and so on. We pray that they will also fight against corruption of all sorts.

  1. For religious and traditional leaders

We pray for our religious and traditional leaders that they may use their offices and influence to promote moral values in our places of worship, communities and society at large and encourage simple life and the reward of hard work.

  1. For all those who keep silence in the face of evil and injustice

We pray for all those who keep silence in the face of evil and injustice. Give them the courage to speak out and fight against human trafficking of all kinds. May through their actions support and bring an end to human trafficking.

  1. For all survivors of human trafficking

Lord the healer of all illnesses, heal and protect all survivors of human trafficking. Help them to recover from all psychological, physical and emotional assaults experienced from their exploiters. May we provide safe environments that will help them to recover and be reintegrated into the society. Lord! Restore their dignity as your children. Replace the shame and fear they experience with your hope and joy. Fill them with your ever renewing love.

We ask for justice for the harm done to them by men and women who prey on their vulnerability to exploit them. We ask you to give courage to the survivors to be able to testify against the captors when the need arise.

We make our prayer to God Almighty through Christ our Lord!

Amen / Amin