Community Climate Action Programme – Week 4

Energy and Travel

Resources from week 4

Slides and PDFs

CCAP 4A Energy Slides JOD

CCAP 4B Travel Slides JOD

Travel Materials

Energy Materials


Video Clips

Samso – Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island – 2 min
This shows how a community transitioned to a net zero energy system.

Ecoeye – A Green New Deal, Ireland’s Climate Commitments – 24 min
This shows the changes in energy sources needed to meet our climate goals

“Homework” Viewing

Project Drawdown Climate Solutions Unit Five – Putting it All Together

Please watch the following video before the next session.  This continues the six part Project Drawdown, Climate Solutions Series.

Further Resources

If you wish to study further you can use the WWF  Carbon Footprint Calculator. It is most accurate for UK residents but will also work for Irish residents.


You can find plenty of further information in the Cork Environmental Forum materials for Water and Food and Agriculture, which you can find on the CCAP resources page.  These also include recommended reading and further websites.

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