Community Climate Action Programme – Week 5

Biodiversity and Nature Based Solutions

“Homework” Viewing

Project Drawdown Climate Solutions Unit Six – Making it Happen

Please watch the following video before the next session.  This continues the six part Project Drawdown, Climate Solutions Series.

Preparing for Session Six and Preparing a Community Climate and Biodiversity Action Plan

Worksheet One – Climate and Biodiversity Actions

Please identify actions that you wish to implement to address the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency in the areas of Waste & Consumption, Energy & Travel, Food & Water and Biodiversity & Nature Based Solutions. Then fill in the worksheet identifying if the actions will have a large/small impact and will be easy/difficult to implement.

Download Word Document: Worksheet One Climate and Biodiversity Actions

Worksheet Two – Implementation Templates. 

Please familiarise yourself with this template. We will work on completing this template during Session Six.

Download Word Document: Worksheet Two Implementation Templates

Further Resources

If you wish to do further study you can watch the following videos highlighting different aspects of the human impact on Biodiversity.  If you schedule to watch one video a week you will gradually build up a deeper appreciation of biodiversity.

Maria Spivak – Why Bees are Disappearing

Bernie Krasue – The voice of the Natural World

Carl Safina – What are animals thinking and feeling

Suzanne Sinard – How trees talk to each other

Paul Stamets – Six Ways that mushrooms can save the world