Community Climate Action Programme – Week 6

Climate and Biodiversity Action Plan

“Homework” Viewing

This is the final video of the CCAP Programme and it explores the topic of communicating Climate Change:

Per Espen Stoknes TED Talk – How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action on global warming

Preparing your Climate and Biodiversity Action Plan


Your plan should indicate where you are located, if your plan is for an individual or for a group.  It should also include what other organisations you are connected with or a member of who may be able to support you in implementing your plan.

Download this Sample Climate and Biodiversity Action Plan

If you need ideas for actions you will be able to find them in the notes for each of the modules as well as in the slides from this session.

Further Resources

The first Citizens Assembly in the world for Biodiversity is taking place and the videos of the sessions are full of detailed information on Ireland’s Biodiversity emergency.  The will be uploaded to this dedicated website over the coming months.


The Eco Eye TV Youtube Channel is full of excellent viewing and information on different environmental topics: